Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lesson 5 Challenge Piece

The challenge was called Reveal and Conceal.

For this challenge I have machine embellished a piece of patterned chiffon to felt adding hand and machine stitching before applying the heat gun. I think so far this has been my favourite part of the course.

Lesson 5

Wool and Silk yarn has been machine felted to synthetic felt to which I have applied to heat gun.

Challenge Piece Lesson 4

The challenge was to use knitting in the piece. I have knitted up different yarns which I have then machine felted together and then hand stitched for further embellishment. I have given this piece a title
Elephant Roaming the Savannah.

Lesson 4

Hand dyed muslin and knitted squares machine felted to a piece of felt. Metallic threads machined and beading used for embellishing.

Lesson 4 continued

Knitted piece felted to chiffon background and patterned netting felted to pink felt .

Lesson 4

A patterned chiffon scarf machine felted to felt . Yarns then felted onto chiffon.

Lesson 3

Strips of embellished felt have been woven together to form finished sample .

Lesson 3 Challenge Piece

A mosiac created by embellishing sari strips to a felt background which have been cut up and then placed in a pattern to form a mosiac

Time to catch up

The past few weeks we have been very busy running the motel with many nights where we were able to put the no vacancy sign 0ut. We have also been assessed by the RACV ratings and have retained our 3 stars for this year.
Inbetween we had a long day in Ballarat visiting our parents, siblings and Robins children and grandchildren. Part of the reason for our trip was make arrangements for our wedding which has been planned for the 31st of July. We are holding a small ceromony with our children and my sister present. Later visiting with my parents who are both now in care and then holding a celebration dinner with our families.
There has also been some time to participate in the online course I have been doing which has taught me a lot about the ways in which I can use my felting machine. There is still the final challenge left which I hope to attempt this weekend.