Friday, January 16, 2009


We have moved... all our belongings are stored in two containers in a yard somewhere in Geelong Victoria, Australia awaiting us to find them a new home. Thursday last week was not a good day, the day before we moved out of our home which was sold enabling us to purchase a motel leasehold which we were to takeover on the 2nd of Feb. On Thursday 8th of Jan, the owners of the motel pulled the motel off the market, no reason leaving us very dissappointed and pondering our future. For now we are living in a cabin in a caravan park , hopefully we will find another suitable motel to buy in the very near future. I did keep my sewing maching with me and all the bits and pieces I require to bead ring cushions for my step daughters weddings in March. Will keep my blog updated. As one of our former Aussie Primeministers once said, "life was never meant to be easy".