Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Plastic Inchie Challenge.

Top Row:
a. Background painted with black Xpanda print , then gold lutradur
applied and distressed with heat gun.
b. Painted background with heavily painted tyvec (heavy weight)
which has been distressed using a heat gun.
c. Bubble wrap painted with gold paint then ironed onto
background, emblished with Angelina fibres wrapped in
glad wrap and heat distressed with iron.
Middle Row:
a. Background packaging from chocolate box ,
embellished with ripple plastic from biscuit package and plastic gold bead.
b. Background painted fabric embellished with plastic from chocolate box.
c. Background ironed green cellophane embellished with inner moulding
of chocolate box and gold sequin.
Bottom Row:
a. Background Lutradur embellished with gold cellophane
which has been heat distressed using a heat gun.
b. Painted tyvek (medium weight) applied using steam iron
embellished with tyvec (light weight) and Angelina fibres heat
distressed using steam iron.
c. Painted fabric background embellished with
gold cellophane which has been distressed using steam iron.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Butterfly ATC created using fabric cutout and embellished with beads.
Elephant ATC created using stamp and beading.

ATC Landscape Challenge Aust/N.Z Quitlers Group

Landscape ATC's .
From Top:
Great Barrier Reef Island, Aussie paddock.
Dandelions in Paddock, Springtime Wildflowers Aussie Desert
Uluru, Desert Sunset.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Journal, 2008 :Aus/NZ Art Quilters

Theme Fire using metalics and wire.
Strips of fabric used to represent fire then stitched with
red metallic threads on a black background which has been
distressed with a bamboo skewer dipped in White King Gel.

July : Sunday Machine Embroidry Group , 2008

Theme: Purple Prose/ The Purple Emperors/ The Purple Iris
Purple iris's created using fabric pieces and machine stithing, background free motion machining , dress on lavender lady made by using water soluable fabric and lots of machining.