Monday, October 26, 2009

Needle Felting

My first attempts using a needle felter. Now think that an embellishing machine would be a great addition to my workroom.

Postcard and ATC's received in Halloween Swaps

Postcard received from


ATC's recieved from MaryLou Curry

Halloween ATC and Postcard Swap

Postcard and ATC sent out for Halloween Swaps


Yarn fixed to fabric background with visoflex then painted with gesso. Embellishing powder and splashes of gold paint applied. Once dried heat gun applied to embellishing powder. Beading and machine stitching using metallic threads to finish . Postcards and ATC's to be sent out in Birthday Swaps .

Butterfly ATC's & Postcard

Background fabrics resulted from handdying and stencilling. Butterflys from commercially printed fabric , then embellished with free motion machining, metallic threads and a variety of beads.

ATC's and Postcards ready for posting in Birthday swaps.
All fabrics hand dyed .

Green Leaf ATC's & Postcard

Made up from fabric created using the gelatin monoprint process and spray dyes.

Red Inchies

Received from Jane Symes

Red Inchies

Received from Sally Wescott

Red Inchies

Received from Andrea Carew

Red Inchies

Received from

Nia Tilley

Red Inchies

Received from Debbi Baker

Red Inchies

Received from Fionie Williams

Red Inchies Swap organised by Debbie Baker & Annie Laing

Red Inchies received from Kerrie Bowles

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spray dyes, leaves and fabric paint and gelatine mould

Same fabric with reverse side shown.

Playing with paints, leaves and spray dyes.

Created blue area by first applying paint to a gelatine mould . Leaves placed at random then spray dyed.

Playing with spray dyes

Wet fabric using water spray then added a variety of spray dyes.

Birthday Postcards

All postcards are a result of me experiementing with spray dyes, stencils, stamps and fabric paints. I have embellished using machine stitching and beading.