Thursday, October 30, 2008

October: Sunday Machine Embroidery Group

Theme: In the Pink/Pink Elephants/Blush in a Maiden' Cheek.
Elephant created using free motion maching and embellished using same,
machine stitches and beading. Background pink velour which has been
embellished with fabric, beading and machine stitching.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

September: Sunday Machine Embroidery Group, 2008

Theme: Brown as a Berry/Brown's Cows

Brown being one of my most unfavoured colours created a
challenge before I even began thinking abouting my creation for
this month. All that came to mind was our outback and the
colours that we often see in brochures etc. The background was a piece
of well worn white flannette sheet that my mother gave me for
dying purposes which I have painted using water and silk paints then
added a piece of felt for the beginnings of my rock and pieces of wool for the ground which was overlaid with black tuille on which I have
using free motion machine embroidery to finish and embellish.

August: Sunday Machine Embroidery Group , 2008

Theme: Peaches & Cream/ White as a Ghost/ Snow White

Muslim manipulated to form snow for background with the leaves on the tree created by using a sheer white organza which was then sewn using free motion maching . Tree trunk created using free motion machine embroidery. Work embellished with beads and sequins to create the illusion of snow falling .